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1930 Chrysler Imperial 8 Limousine

After World War I the luxury car business boomed and in 1930 Chrysler introduced the Imperial 8, supplying the chassis without bodies to design studios and custom coach builders so that their clients could essentially build their ideal car - something that the wealthy did to acquire distinction in the cars they owned.The result was unique automobiles with appealing lines, focusing on style and an uncluttered look. Design characteristics combined the sweeping hood, split v-type radiator with winged Viking gazelle radiator cap, extra-long single doors on each side, rear hinged "suicide" doors, unusual roof treatments (with extended blind rear quarters) and an external metal trunk. The dual side mounted spare tires with canvas covers and accessory pedestal mirrors were used to accentuate the clean, smooth body lines.

Unique and Special Features
  • Chauffer Service Included with All Reservations
  • Seats 2-4 Passengers (with use of two jump seats)
  • Climate-Controlled
  • Automatic Sun Roof
  • Optional Privacy Screen between Driver & Passenger Section
  • CD/Radio Player